Group Ride Saturday, November 11: San Marcos Loop in North County

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

Several of our regular riders will be participating in the Ride the Point charity event in Point Loma, and so unable to ride with our group. (GO TEAM T. RYX!) If I’m the only one riding down there in the City, it becomes less than optimal for me to haul my velomobile down to San Diego. So, North County it is. The Weather lady is calling for mixed clouds and sun and a high of 70-ish this Saturday in San Marcos and vicinity. So let’s ride in San Marcos this Saturday, November 11, starting at the T. Ryx shop at 10:00 (directions below). Please arrive 30 minutes or so early (i.e., 9:30) to set up so we can leave on time. We’ll do the route John and I developed, which includes part of another route that Art led us on a while back and part of the main route we originally rode up here a few years ago. This is our favorite route for our Wednesday rides. From the shop we ride up into northern San Marcos in horse country; we then head down behind Palomar College; then down to Cal State San Marcos, over to Jack’s Pond Park, and finally back to the shop. The total is approximately 24-26 miles. There are at least two well-maintained restrooms at parks along the way, and there are several places to turn back if you need to. This is a really nice ride with bits of country, residential, commercial, college, and park areas. Parts of the route are on well-maintained Class I Bike Paths, others on Class II Bike Lanes or Class III Bike Routes. There are some challenging but ridable hills, but even those can be avoided by all or some riders if necessary. We can stop for lunch after the ride in our shop’s complex.

As always, PLEASE LET ME KNOW by Friday evening (November 10) IF YOU’RE GOING TO JOIN US AND/OR IF YOU’RE RUNNING LATE.If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you won’t be riding with us. Last time we rode up here in San Marcos (October 21) we didn’t get as much of a turnout from North County riders, and those who live in the hinterlands (Riverside and Orange Counties) as we expected. If no one confirms they plan to ride with us this Saturday, we may have to cancel the ride, and I’ll send a cancellation email out Friday evening. I’ll still ride myself, but I won’t plan on others joining me unless you let me know ahead of time.

Remember, anyone can dehydrate on any ride, in any weather, so bring plenty of water and/or NRG drinks. Bring snacks for a boost along the way, and bring flat repair kits and other tools you may need, sun and/or rain protection, and anything else you might want to make this an enjoyable ride. If you have eAssist, remember to charge your battery (ies). Keep in mind, we are not an official cycling club at this point, but all riders are required to wear helmets, obey all traffic rules/laws, yield to pedestrians, and be otherwise safe when riding with us. But a key point is that we are riding to have fun, and get some exercise while we’re at it.

**NOTE: Please keep in mind that you’re not going to be dropped (left behind) if you can’t keep up on our rides. On the other hand, you won’t improve your riding skills or your health if you don’t push yourself at least a little each time you ride, whether with our group or on your own. That is not to say that you should overdo it! By all means, take breaks when you need them, and listen to your body! But make sure someone else knows what you’re doing if you’re in a group. It may take time for you to notice improved skills, weight loss, faster average riding times, or other benefits of working harder, but it’ll happen. Always simply coasting along or relying on your granny gears in all conditions is not going to help you keep up with the “big dogs” when the going gets tough. (Getting faster is a good way to keep away from the real big dogs, too.) When crossing some intersections or in other potentially hazardous situations, you may also need to be able to move quickly out of harm’s way. Remember, it’s difficult for another rider to help you ride your own steed up a hill when you’re struggling. The other rider will just be able to stay with you and give moral support. On some hills, it may be best for everyone in the group to ride at his/her own pace and then meet up with the group at the top. Bottom line: working at improving every time you ride will help you in a lot of ways.**

The T. Ryx shop is located at 1322 E. Mission Road, approximately 0.6 mile west of Nordahl/Auto Parkway, 4 doors west of Stater Brothers, in San Marcos. The overhead sign reads simply “BICYCLES”, and the T. Ryx sign is in the window. You can also find us using Google Maps, MapQuest, or your favorite map app.

Let’s try to make it a really big group this time. New riders, even on upwrong bicycles, are always welcome, so bring your friends and families.

I hope to see a bunch of you on our ride on Saturday!

Bye, Evedybody! (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean

T. Ryx Recumbent Trikes

Bike Vault


1322 E. Mission Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

Shop: 760.489.8083

Cell: 760.500.8418

Email: tcd (Please note this new email address. Hoppy is no longer active.)

Please help preserve our resources for your grandchildren: Print this document only if you truly must have a paper copy.

Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve…As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

…as the body apart from the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.

James 2:26 (NIV)


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    Naim Choudhary  (he’s an old customer of ours.  Indian dude that used to come into the shop a lot)

    Jeremiah Dylan Dean

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    From: Hoppy’s Page Reply-To: Hoppy’s Page Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 4:02 PM To: Subject: [New post] Group Ride Saturday, November 11: San Marcos Loop in North County

    Administrator posted: “Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!) Several of our regular riders will be participating in the Ride the Point charity event in Point Loma, and so unable to ride with our group. (GO TEAM T. RYX!) If I’m the only one riding down there in the City, it becomes “


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