CANCELLED: Group Ride Saturday, August 12

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

This week’s (Saturday, August 12) Group Ride is hereby cancelled. I will be on an overnight bikepacking trip with my son and another rider. None of our other regular ride leaders are available this weekend, either. Please do go out and ride wherever you can, with whomever you can or even alone, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Our next Saturday Group ride will be on August 19. For anyone who can make it, we also have group rides on Wednesdays, and our next Wednesday ride will be on August 16. I hope to see y’all next Wednesday and/or next Saturday!

BTW, one of the ladies who has been riding with us is still looking for a trike to replace the one that was stolen. Her budget is not high, and she has a fairly short X-seam. If you have, or know of anyone who has, a second trike or a trike you’re not using, please let me know. I’ll get in touch with her. Thanks!

Bye, Evedybody! (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean

T. Ryx Recumbent Trikes

Bike Vault


1322 E. Mission Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

Shop: 760.489.8083

Cell: 760.500.8418


Please help preserve our resources for your grandchildren: Print this document only if you truly must have a paper copy.

Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve…As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

…as the body apart from the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.

James 2:26 (NIV)


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