Group Ride Saturday, July 15: Liberty Station to Bonita Loop (RSVP with your opinion – See first paragraph)

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

***Give us your opinion: Glen and I discussed starting our group rides an hour earlier than we’ve done for the past year or so due to the heat. This is not cast in stone, but we are considering starting our rides, at least during summer months, at 9:00 instead of 10:00. Those of you who have ridden with us over the years will recall that we started even earlier some time ago. 8:00 was our normal starting time for quite a while. But people moved away, or have had other obligations and interests that interfered with earlier rides. Over the years, the make-up of our group shifted from a majority of early starters to mostly late risers. But our primary concern recently has been the heat waves, apparently caused by climate change. Since the later we start our rides, the later we finish, and the more oppressive the heat during the middle and end of our rides. Considering all this, we plan to start our ride at 9:00 this coming Saturday. I know that some of our riders prefer later starts due to other commitments, so I’m asking you for your preference. If the majority of our riders who plan to join us this Saturday want to keep the 10:00 start time, that’s what we’ll do. Likewise, if the majority who confirm they’ll ride with us this Saturday prefer the 9:00 start time, we’ll go ahead with the earlier start time. SO PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR PREFERENCE IF YOU PLAN TO RIDE WITH US ON SATURDAY, JULY 15. Please also let me know your preference for the rest of the summer. Keep in mind that we’ll make our decision based on those who respond as well as those who regularly ride with us. One rider has already said he can’t make the earlier time. If enough riders prefer the 10:00 start time, I’ll send a follow-up email on Friday, July 14, with a time change to those who confirm they plan to ride, AND we’ll stick with the later start time.

The ride this Saturday: The Weather Lady (WL) is calling for nice weather for riding this weekend, with partly- to mostly- sunny skies and highs in the upper-70s in San Diego and coastal areas. On Saturday, July 15, we’ll ride the new Liberty Station to Bonita Loop, starting, you guessed it, at Liberty Station. The ride will start at the north end of the Ace Hardware parking lot at Liberty Station at 9:00 AM. Please arrive at the starting point at least 30 minutes early to set up (i.e., 8:30). Also, please let me know if you plan to join the group ride and/or if you’re running late. These rides are not races, although we try to break into smaller groups to accommodate faster riders whenever possible. As always, no one gets left behind. If you’re struggling for any reason, at least one experienced rider will stay with you to help you catch up and/or to lead/accompany you back to the starting point.

The route is mostly flat to gently rolling, but there are two moderate hills. One is on Harbor Drive, just southeast of the Convention Center. The other is mid-way through the ride, in the Bonita area. For a detailed route map, click on the following link: Glen called it the “Liberty Station – Embarcadero – Pepper Park – Sweetwater River” ride on that site, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just show it in ride announcements as the “Liberty Station to Bonita Loop”. I’m open to suggestions on any of the ride names, as well as any new routes. The routes we’ve been riding recently have been fun, but I’m a fan of variety. I know a lot of you are too. Granted, some ride venues may be a little difficult for some riders to reach. But that’s another reason for variety, especially when we generally start near the downtown San Diego area. (Note: Our Wednesday rides are generally in North County, and mostly have been starting at the T. Ryx shop parking lot in San Marcos. We hope to include these northern routes in a Saturday ride now and then.)

Remember that even though it’s not as hot in coastal areas as it is in the inland valleys, you still need to hydrate. So bring plenty of water/NRG drinks, snacks, sun protection, flat repair kits, and any other essentials for a comfortable, enjoyable ride. If it’s foggy or chilly when we start, you might want to dress in layers so you can remove a layer if you start getting warm. If you have eAssist, be sure to charge your battery (-ies).

Directions to the starting point:

From the San Diego Airport (Lindbergh Field) – Take Harbor Drive WEST towards Point Loma; turn right into Liberty Station on Laning Road; turn right onto Cushing Road; continue about ½-mile, just PAST Dewey Road. Ace Hardware will be on your LEFT. The parking lot is ON THE NORTHEAST SIDE OF the ACE Hardware, so make a LEFT turn into the parking lot after Dewey Road. We park at the NORTHEAST end of the lot, so turn right immediately and look for other trikes, velomobile(s), and bikes away from the buildings.

Some of our regulars have already confirmed they’ll ride this Saturday. I hope a bunch more of you can ride with us on Saturday, too!

Bye, Evedybody! (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean

T. Ryx Recumbent Trikes

Bike Vault


1322 E. Mission Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

Shop: 760.489.8083

Cell: 760.500.8418

Email: tcd (Please note this new email address. Hoppy is no longer active.)

Please help preserve our resources for your grandchildren: Print this document only if you truly must have a paper copy.

Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve…As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

…as the body apart from the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.

James 2:26 (NIV)


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