CANCELLED: Group Ride Saturday, June 17

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

This week’s Saturday ride, June 17, has been cancelled. Most of our regular riders in the heart of San Diego and southward are unable to ride due to Father’s Day activities and other reasons. John and I had considered simply having the ride up here in North County, but the Weather Lady isn’t cooperating. Particularly in the inland areas, the heat wave would be a potential danger to the health and well-being of our riders. Oh, and the air conditioning in my velomobile stopped working right after we finished our rides! Doctors and other professionals in the health care field are recommending that people stay indoors and/or avoid strenuous activities, especially when temperatures are above 90 degrees.

If you get a chance to ride early in the mornings and/or in the evenings when temps are lower, take advantage of the opportunity. Hopefully the Weather Lady will cooperate next weekend so we can ride. I understand the excessive heat will last through most of next week, but I hope to ride early or late whenever I can. Hope to see y’all soon!

Bye, Evedybody! (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean



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