Group Ride Saturday, June 3: Liberty Stn to Sweetwater River/Bonita Loop

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

The Weather Lady (WL) is calling for nice weather for riding this weekend, with sunny skies and highs in the low-70s in San Diego. On Saturday, June 3, we’ll ride the Liberty Station to Sweetwater River/Bonita Loop. The ride will start at the north end of the Ace Hardware parking lot at Liberty Station at 10:00 AM. Please arrive at the starting point at least 30 minutes early to set up (i.e., 9:30). Also, please let me know if you plan to join the group ride and/or if you’re running late. These rides are not races, although we try to break into smaller groups to accommodate faster riders whenever possible. As always, no one gets left behind. If you’re struggling for any reason, at least one experienced rider will stay with you to help you catch up and/or to lead/accompany you back to the starting point. This ride is approximately 30 miles round trip, and as Glen said today, it’ll prime us for our ride next Saturday, June 10: the San Diego Bay/Coronado Loop. (That ride is actually a little shorter than the Sweetwater/Bonita Loop (unless you’ll be riding back around the Bay as I will), but it seems longer since we haven’t ridden that route for quite a while. More to come…)

Remember that even though it’s not hot this time of year, you still need to hydrate. So bring plenty of water/NRG drinks, snacks, sun protection, flat repair kits, and any other essentials for a comfortable, enjoyable ride. If it’s foggy or chilly when we start, you might want to dress in layers so you can remove a layer if you start getting warm. If you have eAssist, be sure to charge your battery (-ies).

Directions to the starting point:

From the San Diego Airport (Lindbergh Field) – Take Harbor Drive WEST towards Point Loma; turn right into Liberty Station on Laning Road; turn right onto Cushing Road; continue about ½-mile, just PAST Dewey Road. Ace Hardware will be on your LEFT. The parking lot is ON THE NORTHEAST SIDE OF the ACE Hardware, so make a LEFT turn into the parking lot. We park at the NORTHEAST end of the lot, so turn right immediately and look for other trikes, velomobile(s), and bikes away from the buildings.

Some of our regulars have already confirmed they’ll ride this Saturday. I hope a bunch more of you can ride with us on Saturday, too!

Bye, Evedybody! (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean


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