AmTrak survey for trikes

Hi, Evedybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!) –

Jaci, one of our regular riders, asked me to pass the link below to our group. It’s a survey to let Amtrak know how many people would travel via Amtrak if they allowed passengers to bring their trikes on the train. My velomobile would not fit on the train in the bicycle stowage areas, so there’s no sense in me taking the survey myself. I have no reason to doubt Jaci’s request.

Please note that I have not clicked on the link or completed the survey, so I can’t guarantee the validity or security of the site. Take the survey at your own risk. My only concern is that, with all the cyber-criminal activities going on recently, it’s always possible that Jaci may have unknowingly sent something besides the survey. There is also a lot of hijacking of emails going on. I’ve been a victim of cyber-criminals myself, including on my government computer before I retired. One such issue involved an email my own sister sent me. In fact, I may have unknowingly done it myself in the past. That being said, I would still trust Jaci and take the survey if my trike were not encased in a velomobile now. This concern is by no means intended to indicate lack of trust in Jaci and her request.

Again, this is likely legitimate, but I’m perhaps overly cautious of links, or even emails, that are forwarded to me.


Terry Hoppy Dean

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Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

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James 2:26 (NIV)


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